Senior Care

Cascade Dental Centre has a vital and growing interest in providing the care that ageing baby boomers need to keep their smile and chewing ability intact as they begin to retire and age gracefully both in their own homes and in over 55 residential living. We are experts in assessing whether our patients need relatively

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Black Magic White Smile

    Teeth-whitening the Curaprox way: TOOTHPASTE: Without bleach, without abrasive agents. The whitening tooth “Black is White” removes discolouration the gentle way: activated carbon simply absorbs discolouration particles. Also contains hydroxylapatite which remineralises the enamel and closes dentine channels.  

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The Favourite Child Contest

We had a great fun contest the past three months. “The Favourite Child” Congratulations on enjoying the fun part of Dr. Findlay’s nonsense humour. Congratulations to our winners! Madison, Shea, Gurveer, Brandon, Naomi, Jonas, Colton, Joshua, Chase, Ashley, Brooklyn & Jake

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